With decades of combined experience in the Food Service Industry we set ourselves to develop a Fast-Casual Progressive Mexican concept that can deliver soulful food that breaks away from tradition. 


route 67



U.S. Route 67 is a 1,560 mile long highway connecting Texas and Mexico. As it reaches Presidio, Texas, Route 67 continues in to Mexico, crossing the Rio Bravo and extending for another 600 miles as Autopista Federal 16.

This Highway, while not the biggest crossing point, connects a vibrant and sophisticated Texas with the enthusiatic and traditional culture of Mexico.

We see our restaurant as the Route 67, not the biggest, but yet a powerful medium to allow the wealth of culinary techniques and vibrant creativity found in Texas to fuse with the traditions of Mexican Cuisine.

To embrace a bold and innovative approach to Mexican cuisine that ignites the senses and fires up the passionate foodie within. Oh... we also have this vision of taking over the world! One hot pepper at the time, mmmmmwwwwahahahahahaha! (Evil laughter sound effect required)


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